Speeron signs Nordic framework agreement with Ambea

Ambea signs Nordic framework agreement with Nenda, Speeron & PPDS

Ambea, one of Scandinavia’s largest care operators, has now entered into agreements with Nenda, Speeron and PPDS. The care facility now aims to give its residents modern streamed TV options, instead of traditional linear TV. The latest cloud-based technology will be used to facilitate Ambea’s new establishments, while improving and increasing the entertainment for Ambea’s care recipients.

TV at Ambea´s care facilities has been a time-consuming area of operations for the Ambea staff. This is because they have to manage a heap of TV subscriptions, TV sets and set top boxes within the same facility. The new solution developed by Nenda, Speeron and PPDS will save time spent on TV related issues for both staff, the residents and their relatives. Furthermore, the solution will offer a more varied entertainment portfolio, which will benefit the residents.

Mathias Wikell, Head of Purchasing / OPEX and IT at Ambea, says, “At Ambea, we always strive to improve everyday life for our residents and our staff. The solution that we have developed together with Nenda, Speeron and PPDS has been tested on our operations with very good results. It is easier to handle for everyone involved, while at the same time facilitating the start-up process at our new establishments. Thanks to this tailored solution with cloud-based streamed TV, we can offer a packaged TV service for all our operations in all regions, minimize the time our employees need to spend on fixing TV problems and focus on the core business, which is to take care of our caregivers. We are very pleased with the result”.

The staff and residents at Ambea also speak positively about the new streamed TV solution and its user experience. During interviews conducted at a test accommodation, the service was described as follows:

“Smooth and easy!”  “I think it is very flexible, even the staff thinks it is easy to handle.” “Easy to get started.” “Easy for the user to tap around.”

Per Romild, Head of Sales and co-founder at Nenda, says, “We are very happy about our collaboration with Ambea. Streamed TV has not been available in the care sector before. Therefore, it feels extra good for us to utilize our streaming technology to improve the entertainment for Ambea’s care recipients. Here at Nenda, we see that as a clear development and a step forward from today’s linear TV offerings”.

Oscar Lindh, Sales Director at Speeron, says, “By linking together the best services, we deliver a completely cloud-based TV experience to the end user that cannot be compared to what has been on the market before. In addition to streamed TV entertainment, there are services such as web radio, information from the accommodation and access to other, purpose-built applications such as an interactive aquarium and fireplace, etc. We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Ambea. We see an enormous potential in the offer for the healthcare sector where we can offer a significantly better experience at attractive prices.

Nils Brovold, Sales Manager Pro TV at PPDS Norden, says, “After a lot of research, development, trials and tests, PPDS, Nenda and Speeron have created a tailor-made solution that completely fulfills all the demands and needs of Ambea and its residents. Delivering Philips MediaSuite with Android OS, we have given Ambea users the option to use the entire Google range of apps. At the same time, Ambea can broadcast their own content to residents, while also offering paid services directly via TV. We are looking forward to a long and close cooperation with all parties. “


About Ambea
Ambea is Sweden, Norway and Denmark’s market-leading private care company with over 900 units and around 26,000 employees. Within the company group, it offers housing, support, education and staffing in health and care.

About Nenda
Nenda is the Nordic region’s leading streaming (OTT) service provider for professional market. Nenda carries both live TV-channels and on-demand content in one-easy-to use user interface. See more information at nenda.com.

About Speeron
Speeron is the Nordic region’s leading integration partner for the healthcare- and hospitality sector. Speeron provides, among other things, solutions for TV, wireless networks, 5G connection, IoT & digitalized check-in and check-out.

About PPDS
PPDS exclusively markets and sells Philips-branded professional displays, covering professional TVs, signage and LED solutions, worldwide under trademark license by Koninklijke Philips N.V.

For more information
Oscar Lindh, Director of Sales, Speeron, oscar.lindh@speeron.com, +46 73 385 3000

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