Otrum appoints Speeron as a Platinum Partner for Finland

Otrum is pleased to announce that Speeron has become a Platinum Partner for Finland, distributing both Otrum Enterprise and Otrum Digital Signage. This comes in addition to Speeron’s distribution agreement for Sweden.

Mr. Stein Surlien, CEO of Otrum, comments “Speeron have impressed Otrum with their ability to secure Otrum software sales in a short timeframe, having signed the frame agreement with Nordic Choice Hotels in late 2016. As Otrum continues to move to a fully partner based distribution model, Speeron was identified as an ideal partner for Finland and we look forward to continued success with them.”

Mr. Mats Melander, CEO of Speeron, states “Speeron became an Otrum Partner for Sweden some months ago, and won our first major contact with Nordic Choice Hotels. holds many opportunities, and we are confident that we will maintain and strengthen Otrum’s good name in this region.” Otrum Enterprise is the in-room segment leader in functionality, stability and ease of use, all of this over existing infrastructure such as coax, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Otrum Digital Signage provides powerful communication throughout an entire property, with a superior wayfinding service, meeting overview screens and digital door signs. Speeron is the leading integration partner for the Nordic hospitality industry, providing a suite of IT solutions. Otrum and Speeron will work together to leverage the benefits of online communication between the in-room TV, Property Management System (PMS) and door locking systems – as provided today by Speeron’s Piccolo Integration Platform.

About Otrum

Otrum is the market leading hosted solutions partner to the hospitality industry, with software operating across multiple platforms including TVs, signage and smart devices. Otrum operates with a network of strategic partners throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. For more information, visit www.otrum.com.

About Speeron

Speeron is a Swedish IT company, providing IT solutions primarily to the hotel industry; such as interactive, TV-systems; IP head end integration platform Piccolo, which is integrated in hotel systems. increasing guest flow, e.g. through automatic check-in/check-out. Speeron was founded in 2007 and has 16 employees with subsidiaries in Norway and Colombia. Clients include Thon Hotels, Marriott, Best Western, Sweden Hotels, Nordic Choice Hotels and First Hotels.

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